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The Circle: Brazil - Motion Content Group

The Circle: Brazil

On Wednesday 11th March the Brazilian version of the original British show, The Circle, is released on Netflix Brazil. 



The Brazilian version of the new Netflix reality show, The Circle, which was also released in the United States and France, arrives and is an adaptation of the British original.


Produced by Studio Lambert and Motion Content Group, the show advertises itself as a social media-based game, with the concept that anyone can be anyone on The Circle.


This show was compared to Big Brother and Catfish in format. With actress and model Giovanna Ewbank as presenter, the programme will consist of nine competitors who will fight for a prize of 300 thousand reais (about 70 thousand dollars).


The game works through a smart platform called Circle, which is activated by voice commands.


Contestants move to the same building but do not cross paths during the competition, since each one lives in their own apartment. They communicate only using their profiles in a specially designed social media application that gives them the ability to portray themselves the way they choose.


Players can choose to present themselves as a completely different personality than other players, a tactic also known as catfishing.


Throughout the series, contestants rank each other from first to last place. At the end, the average of the grades from lowest to highest is revealed. Typically, the top two rated players become influencers, while the remaining players will be at risk of being “blocked”.


However, occasionally there may be a twist in the blocking process, ranging from the lowest rated players being instantly blocked, the identity of the influencers being a secret, or blocking multiple players at once. Locked players are removed from the game, but are given the opportunity to meet a player who is still in the game in person.


During the finale, contestants rate each other for the last time, where the highest-rated player wins the game and 300,000 reais ($ 70,000).


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